Saturday, 19 September 2015


Hi there!
It's been awhile since my last post, but I have a very good reason. I've decided to take my blog a step forward. I took some time off to plan, organize and read about how to make my blog better. I created this blog during my internship "hunt" last year and at first I thought this is going to be my personal page with a portfolio, a contact form and maybe a blog post once in a while, but I love blogging so much, that I've realized, I can do so much more. My first blog is about exercising and my journey to a healthier life. Is my motivation and a place where I share my goals, achievements and struggles, but design, home decor, architecture, photography, DIYs... are the things I'm really interested in and I want to write about.

The autumn is coming in a couple of days, colder weather and shorter days are just around the corner, which means I will have more time to write and you will have more time to read. ;)

Hello Autumn!

Do you like decorating your house or apartment?
Do you want to renovate your home, but you don't know how?
Do you get really excited during visiting a furniture or home decor store?
Do you want to add something extra to your room, but you don't know what?
Do you have an inspirational interior design, home decor or/and architecture board on Pinterest?
Do you want to (re)decorate your home, but you don't have any money?

If your answer is yes to at least one of the questions above, subscribe/follow and you will be first to know when I'll post a new tip or some good ideas to help you out.


interior design and home decor ideas
home decor for different occasions
DIYs for your home or office
I'll share my architecture and design projects
I'm planning to design printables, such as calendars, templates, organizers, tags,... and I would like to design and make my own (blog) planner next year
sometimes I design/draw my own background for my phone and computer and next time I'll share it with you

and last but not least:

I'm planning to have a regular blog post every month or every two months called Where do bloggers live? I would like to to visit or/and talk to bloggers around the world about their homes and working areas and hopefully share some photos too. I'm so excited about this! :D

Coming back on the 1st of October

The new thing on my blog is the Opt-in box in the right sidebar, where you can SUBSCRIBE to my newsletters - special thanks to Marianne from Design your own lovely blog - your tutorials helped me so much!!
I'm not a huge fan of those newsletters that fill my mailbox every day, so I will be sending out max 2 newsletters every month. You will get the list of the past blog posts and I will share some printables and downloadable material with my subscribers only. I have also some other things for you, but I'll share it when the time comes :)

Make sure to follow me on TwitterBloglovinGoogle+ or/and GFC if you don't want to miss my next post. 

I also have a new INSTAGRAM profile connected with this blog. :)

Cheers to the new beginnings and see you in October! :)



  1. Super sem vesela, za nove objave. Sploh mislim, da bo tale Where do bloggers live? zelo zanimiva tema. Veliko uspehov in te berem prvega oktobra (:

    1. Js se tudi že veselim ustvarjanja novih objav. Priprave že v polnem teku ;) Hvala! :)

  2. O super spremembe! :) Se že veselim novih objav, še posebej DIY in home decor ideas ;)

    1. Hvala za komentar Sanja! :) Tudi jaz se že veselim novega začetka. Imam veliko idej, upam le, da mi bo čas dopuščal, da jih uresničim :)


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