Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Every year, last year students of fashion design (High school for Design and Photography in Ljubljana), prepare a final fashion show, where each student present her/his own creations. The theme of this year fashion show was The Message. Each student has presented the message to the world in her/his own way. Diverse presentations of fashion collections covered everything from sports to extravagant and modern clothes.

The reason I visited the fashion show was, that my sister Katrin is one of the students. It was nice to see a final result after months of hard work and I'm really proud of what she accomplished. Her message was the light, which represents the perseverance and optimism.

Katrin: "I focused mainly on lamps, chandeliers, light bulbs etc. since I was attracted by their variety of shapes, sizes and details. Each lamp is different and so are the people. But we all have one thing in common - we live and the life is like the light switched on in our bodies. The concept of this collection represents the bright side, enlightenment and a '' light '', which is hidden in us. Dresses are simple, minimalist and elegant. The special addition are the small LED lights, hidden under the sleeves and under the fabric. The collection is coloured in golden tones that highlight the concept. I used a natural material, silk taft, which is compact and creates the desired appearance of clothes. Clothes are designed for everyday use, but still for some evening or a business opportunities."

Design: Katrin Vecerina
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