Thursday 22 January 2015


This is not a DIY post, but still, you will have to do this by yourself. Last time I showed you, what I did with an old wooden drawer, but I have a lot of old drawers in my room. I had an old wooden desk a few years ago and when I got a new desk, the older one wasn't in any use, so I put it away, but I kept 7 wooden drawers. I thought is too bad to destroy them. One of them became a bed tray / lap desk (DIY in other post here) and the other 6 I'm using for organizing my things.


There is a lot of things below the coffee table and before I put the drawers, there was a huge mess - not very pleasant to see. I took two drawers, put all the things inside and volia. It looks much better, plus, I really like the combination of white furniture and wooden details.

Drawers under the coffee table


I have this huge closet with 4 shelves inside. It is not very practical if you have socks and underwear on the shelf, because it get mixed with other things and then you don't know anymore what is where. So I took the old drawers and put socks in one, underwear in the second one, PJ in the third and belts and small handbags in the fourth drawer. Now the closet is more organized, cleaner and I know exactly where I have all the things.

Drawers in the closet


Between the kitchen door and the radiator in the living room, there was a small space which looked empty. I wanted to put something there, but I didn't have a closet, chest of drawers or something in the right measurements. I took the old drawer, which is much bigger than the others, and I positioned it vertically next to the wall to get a shelf. I put a wider piece of wood on top, to get a wider shelf and this is the final result.

Turn a drawer into a shelf.

HERE I found a lot of other ideas how to reuse old drawers. I really like the small flower pots and the bulletin board. Which one is your favourite?

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  1. Nice ideas! I like that look of the white and the wood together too!


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