Tuesday, 23 December 2014


I become obsessed with candles. I prefer the ones with a nice smell, but I also like the ordinary ones - as long it is a candle it is ok. I think that the candlelight makes your apartment really homey and warm, which is specially welcome during the winter. If I would have the fireplace, maybe I wouldn't be so obsessed with candles, but until then...

The holidays are literally around the corner so I wanted to decorate my apartment with winter inspired candles. A while ago I've bought the cheapest and the most ordinary ones, but I had to create some nice glass candle holders to hide them inside and make them look prettier. I was inspired by 'Winter wonderland' Christmas decor, which you can find in my last post HERE.

So I took the candles, some old drinking glasses, white sand, glue and a gift ribbon and then this happened...

I wanted something simple, so I can use them all year around.
How I decorated the apartment with candles and some other decorations in one of the next blogposts :)

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  1. Preprosto, ampak na slikah naredijo takšen efekt, da noro. Super ideja in fotografije. (:

    1. Hvala :) Sem hotela res nekaj enostavnega, da ne pritegne preveč pozornosti ampak hkrati, da ni samo navaden kozarec ;) Pa še razkopam lahko nazaj in material uporabim za kaj drugega :) s fotografijami se pa še malo lovim, ampak se trudim :P


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